Business Law Online Resources

Business Law Online Resources

Note: The following links are to the web.archive site in order to avoid broken links. For historical reason we keep some old sites in this list.

Historical Background
Business History at Ohio State
Company History on the Web
Best Business History Sites
Gallery of Economists
The Age of Industry
The Mercantile System and its Historical Significance
Capitalism and Socialism in the Emergence of Modern America: 1890-1916
Records of The Virginia Company of London
Financing the Civil War
Horatio Alger Resources
Taylorism: F. W. Taylor & Scientific Management
The Sherman Anti-Trust Act, 1890
John Sherman
Cornelius Vanderbilt
The Transcontinental Railroad
Northern Securities Co. v. U. S. (1904)
The Robber Barons 
The American Experience:Carnegie Steel Mill Tour
Swift and Company: Corporate History
John D Rockefeller and Standard Oil.
The History of the Standard Oil Company
Standard Oil Co. v. U. S. (1911)
The Rockefellers  NEW
Antitrust Actions
Trustbusters: A History Lesson
The Clayton Act of 1914
Clayton Anti-Trust Act
20th Anniversary of the 1982 Merger Guidelines:The Contribution of the Merger Guidelines to the Evolution of Antitrust Doctrine
Prosperity and Thrift: The Coolidge Era and the Consumer Economy
Museum of American Financial History
Wall Street Museum
Trinity Church History and Archives
History of Wall Street
History of The Stock Market
Blue Skies & Market Blues
The Stock Market Crash of 1929
New Deal Network
FTC v. Standard Oil Co. (1958)
ENARCO, The History of the National Refining Company
The History of Mobile Oil
The Life of Henry Ford
BFGoodrich History
History of General Electric
IBM’s Corporate History
History of the Microsoft Anti-Trust Case
The History of the Small Business Association
Newcomen Society of the United States
Directory of Corporate Archives in the United States and Canada

The Law
United States Code.
Code of Federal Regulations    UPDATED
Anderson’s Ohio Revised Code   UPDATED
Anderson’s Ohio Administrative Code

US Code Title 15 Chapter 1: Monopolies & Combination
U.C.C. Articles 1-9
U.S. Corporations Law
LII: Law about…Antitrust
LII: Uniform Business and Financial Laws Locator
Ohio Uniform Commercial Code Filings

Government Committees, Departments & Agencies
U.S. Department of Commerce
U.S. Department of Labor
U.S. DOL – Office of Small Business Programs
United States Department of Justice 
Department of Justice — Antitrust Division
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
CFTC: Commodity Futures Trading Commission
House Committee on Small Business
Senate Committee on Small Business
House Committee on Commerce
Ohio Secretary of State
The Ohio Department of Commerce

Government Publications & Databases
Commerce Business Daily
Consumer Price Index
Gross Domestic Product
Gross National Product
Market Access and Compliance
How the SEC Protects Investors & Maintains Market Integrity
Index to NTDB Over Seas Business Reports
Overview of the FTC’s Investigative & Law Enforcement Authority
FTC Amicus Briefs
Ohio Secretary of State Business Services

General Business Law
Law of Commercial Transactions
The Center for Corporate Law
U.S. Business Advisor
Corporate Law

Corporate Structures
General Information
All That You Need to Know About Incorporating A Firm in the United States
Should You Incorporate Your Business?
Types of Corporations.
Business Entity Formation 
Corporate Information
Business Legal Structure
Reasons to Have a Shareholders Agreement
Fed’s Tax Law Changes Offer Added S Corps
General Tax Concerns When Structuring the Sale of a Business 
Information For & About Non-Profit Organizations
Selection of Entities to Hold Assets or Do Business 
Hedge Fund Q & A

Limited Liability Corporations
LLCWEB: The Limited Liability Company Web Site
Basic Considerations in Forming a Limited Liability Company
Why Form a Limited Liability Company?
What is a Limited Liability Company?
LLC vs. S Corporation

IPO’s IPO Center
Beginner’s Guide to IPOs
IPO Resource Page
IPO Express

Mergers & Aquisitions
Merger Law & Policy
Company Merger News
NVST World Merger & Acquisition Network
First List 

Monopolies & Anti-Trust Information
Antitrust Laws
Antitrust Policy
Antitrust Law
Glossary of Antitrust Terms
World’s Biggest Competition, Anti-Trust and Regulatory Sites List
The Computer Industry & Antitrust
Health Hippo: Antitrust in Health Care

Antitrust Cases
Antitrust Case Summary Browser
Microsoft Antitrust Trial

General Information
Business Reference Materials
Internet Business Webliography
Business and Technology Research Library
Equity Analytics Academic Quality Information
US Economy: Business Cycle Indicators
Tracking Major Economic Indicators on the World Wide Web
The OSU Virtual Finance Library
CCH Business Owner’s Toolkit
Capitalism FAQ
Employee Ownership Resource Library
Venture Capital Resource Library – Mutual Fund Finder
CBS MarketWatch – Market Data
Stocks and the Stock Market Resource Center’s Electronic Commerce Guide
Executive PayWatch
Bill Gates Net Worth
Business Ethics & Development

Corporate Profiles & Directories
Researching Companies on the Internet Tutorial
Canada’s SEDAR Web Site
Lippincott Library: Historic Corporate Annual Reports
CompaniesOnline Search
E-Line Financials – Annual Reports, Stock Quotes
Annual Report Gallery
Thomas Regional Directory
Dunn & Bradstreet:  Million Dollar Database
Hoover’s Online
Wall Street Research Network
OhioCompany Research     NEW
Corporate Financials Online
The Public Register’s Annual Report Service
The Internet Intelligence Index
Europages: The European Business Directory
Corporate Watch
infoUSA–The Business Address Source

NCESA – National Center for Economic & Security Alternatives.
National Contract Management Association

Stanford Journal of Law, Business and Finance
Antitrust Law and Economics Review
Business Week 
Forbes: The Capitalist Tool
CNN Money  NEW
The Economist 

Stock & Commodity Exchanges Research Guides  

Statistical Calculators
Business English Online
10 Finance And Investing Related Glossaries
Glossary for Traders
Glossary of Foreign Banking Terms
The Motley Fool Ticker Search Engine & Directory for Business Information
CEO Express Business Portal   NEW

U.S. Department of Commerce  Electronic Forms Warehouse   UPDATED
FTC Consumer Sentinel: Compaint Forms
State Corporation and Business Forms
Business Law Resources: Forms
Ohio Secretary of State’s Business & Corporate Forms  UPDATED
Legal Forms for Corporations & Securities
Articles of Incorporation
Partnership Agreement
Limited Liability Company Articles of Organization
Limited Liability Company Certificate

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