Computer Law Online Resources

Computer Law Online Resources

Note: The following links are to the web.archive site in order to avoid broken links. For historical reason we keep some old sites in this list.

Historical Background
History of Computers
The Computer History Museum
The Obsolete Computer Museum
The Virtual Museum of Computing
History of Computing Devices: Introduction
In the Beginning was the Command Line 
A Brief History of Computer Operating Systems
A Brief History of Unix
Linux History
A Complete History of Tux
The GUI Gallery
A History of Computer Operating Systems & The Microsoft Corporation
The History of Microsoft Windows
A Windows Timeline
History of Computers and the World Wide Web
A Brief History of the Internet and Related Networks
Timeline of Net Related Terms, Concepts, Stories & People

History of the Internet
The World-Wide Web: Origins & Beyond
Cerf’s Up: A General History of the Internet
USENET History
A Hackers History

A Brief History of Hackerdom
Timeline: A 40-year History of Hacking
The Kevin Mitnick/Tsutomu Shimomura Affair
Kevin Mitnick Links
Nerds 2.01 
Ghost Sites: The Museum of E-Failure

The Law
United States Code
Code of Federal Regulations UPDATED
Anderson’s Ohio Revised Code UPDATED
Anderson’s Ohio Administrative Code

US Code Title 2 Chapter 15: The Office of Technology Assessment
US Code Title 15 Section 5501: High-Preformance Computing Act of 1991
US Code Title 18 Section 1030: Computer Fraud & Abuse Act of 1986
US Code Title 18 Section 2701: Electronic Communications Privacy Act
Telecommunications Act of 1996
Electronic Freedom of Information Act Amendments of 1996
No Electronic Theft (NET) Act
Internet Tax Freedom Act
The Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act
A Guide to the Proposed Law on Software Transactions: UCC Article 2B
Notice of Electronic Monitoring Act
United States v. Microsoft Corporation

Government Committees, Departments & Agencies
Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC)
Office of Electronic Government
The Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce
U.S. National Information Infrastructure Virtual Library
National Science Foundation
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
U.S. Department of Justice: Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS)
U.S. Department of Justice:
Child Exploitation & Obscenity Section
FBI Office of Infrastructure Protection & Computer Intrusion Squad
U.S. Department of Energy Computer Incident Advisory Capability
National Telecommunications & Information Administration
Federal Computer Products Center (FCPC)
U.S. Senate Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem
Ohio Supercomputer Center

Government Publications & Databases
Federal Computer Week
Searching and Seizing Computers & Obtaining Electronic Evidence in Criminal Investigations
The Emerging Digital Economy Report
U.S. Department of Energy: Computer Incident Advisory Capability
Current Department of Defense Web Policy
Department of Justice: Law Enforcement Coordination for High-Tech Crimes

Intellectual Property: Copyrights, Patents & Trademarks
IpsoFacto: Intellectual Property

Prosecuting Intellectional Property Crimes Manual

CCIPS: Protecting Intellectual Property Rights
An Intellectual Property Law Priner for Multimedia & Web Developers
Intellectual Property & Technology Law
Intellectual Property in Cyberspace
Principles for Managing Intellectual Property in a Digital Environment   UPDATED
Networked Intellectual Property: Brain-Ache Of The Decade
Copyrights & Software Protected by Patents & Copyrights   UPDATED
Copyright Law in the Electronic Environment
Copyright and Fair Use in the Digital Age
Copyright Law for Webmasters
Copyrighting Web Sites & Software 
Copyright on the Internet
Copyright Resources on the Internet
Cybertheft: Will Copyright Law Prevent Digital Tyranny on the Internet?
Copyright, Fair Use & Licensing in a Digital World
Contracts, Copyright and Preemption in a Digital World
New Copyright and Database Regulations
Copyrights:Pratical & Legal Protection of Computer Databases
The Special Problem of Caching and Copyright Protection
Patent Examination Guidelines for Computer-Related Inventions
Trademarks on the Internet: Who’s in Charge?
Trademark Wars On The Web- Trademark Infringement, Copyright & Censors

Software Protection 
Guide to Statutory Protection for Computer Software
The Challenge of Software-Related Patents
Uniform Computer Information Tranactions Act Information Site
Copyrights in Software
Software Patent Institute
Trade Secret Software Protection
Guide to Protection of Computer Software: Semiconductor Chip Protection
Liblicense: Licensing Digital Information
Software Development Agreements — Just Hold Your Nose and Write One
Software Development Agreements: Put it in Writing
Source Code Escrow Agreements – Balancing the Interests of Users and Vendors
Unauthorized Copying of PC Software: The Law and How to Stay Within It
Software Piracy
The David LaMacchia Case
A Nest of Software Spies??
Mass Market Software & the ShrinkWrap License
Court Strikes Down Shrink-Wrap License Agreement
Software Shrink-Wrap, Click-Wrap Licenses: The Fine Print
Software Industry Issues

SoundByting: A Campaign to Protect Music on the Internet 
University Snoops for MP3s
MP3: Legal and Ethical Issues

The Web
Prosecuting Crimes Facilitated by Computers & The Internet
Web Law FAQ
The Net Abuse FAQ
Internet, Cyberspace and Computer Law
Bruce Clay: Legal Response To Web Page Theft
WWW Multimedia Law: Internet Contracts & Licenses
Your Rights in Cyberspace
Internet Misuse in the Workplace NEW
Internet Use Raises Ethics Questions
Accidents On the Information Superhighway: Online Liability
Internet Do’s & Don’ts

Web Page Development
Website Development Agreements: A Guide to Planning & Drafting
Web Site Design Agreements NEW
Special Client Issues for Web Designers
DOD Web Site Policy
Setting Up a Web Development Shop
CyBarrister: Negligent Publication

Domain Names
Ins and Outs of DNS 

Finding Web Sites: The Domain Name System

Department of Commerce: DNS Statement of Policy
Domain Name Registration News
Administration & Use of the “International” Top Level Domain Names
Management Perspective: Domain Names
Domain Names & Trade Marks: What’s in a name?
Domain Names and Trademarks: At the Intersection
Trademarks and Domain Names: Property Rights and Institutional Evolution
NSI Domain Dispute Resolution Policy Statement
New Top Level Domain Names May Raise More Questions Than Answers
NSI Flawed Domain Name Policy Information Page
Class Action Against NSI in court
Domain Registry Charged with Fraud
Domain Name Accord a Step Closer
Judge Rules Domain Fees Illegal
Domain Tax Approved
The Domain Name Rights Coalition – DNRC
Is a Domain Name “Property”? 

Caching, Frames, Hyperlinks & Metatags
Is Your Web Site Cache Friendly?
Hyperlinks, Frames and Meta-tags: An Intellectual Property Analysis
Hyperlink At Your Own Risk
Cyberspace Law – Linking and Framing
Bechtold: The Link Controversy Page
Linking and Liability (BitLaw)
CyBarrister Page: Links Liability
The Case for Linking Agreements NEW
Thinking About Linking: Can Law Accommodate the Power of the Internet
Don’t Link or I’ll sue!
Web Link to Liability
Lawsuit Over Meta Tag Keywords
Meta Tags & the Advanced Concepts Lawsuit

The List — The Definitive ISP Buyer’s Guide
Choosing an Internet Service Provider
ISP Index
Acceptable Use Policies of Selected Internet Service Providers
Internet Service Provider Liability
Liability of On-Line Service Providers in 1996
Legal Liability of Internet Service Providers for Copyright Infringement NEW
FCC Walks Tightrope Over ISP Calls
Avoiding Web Service Scams NEW

Viruses, Myths, Hoaxes & Hackers
CIAC Internet Hoaxes
Hacking, Cracking, Viruses & Security
F-Secure: Virus & Security Information NEW
Computer Virus Myths
Virus Writers: The End of The Innocence?
ISP Posts Blacklist Of Smurf-Friendly Networks
Hackers, Phreaks, and Pirates
Hackers Scanning for Trouble
The Hacker Crackdown
Under Attack — What Hackers Know Will Harm You.
The Social Organization of the Computer Underground
Anti-Online: Computer Security-Hacking & Hackers
How To Become A Hacker
Risks Digest
Boucher v School Board of the School District of Greenfield
Taking Aim at Cyberterrorism
The Law on Hackers & Crackers
Why Hackers Escape
Could Well-Meaning Legislation Wipe Out Your Right to Hack
ICSA Hacker Insurance Adds Market Muscle, But is it Worth it???    

Computer Security & VPNs
Information on Computer Security
Computer Firewalls & Other Internet Security Information 
Computer Security Privacy & Tools
Deploying Firewalls 
Home PC Firewall Guide
How Firewalls Protect Your System
VPN Consortium
VPN Insider
VPN How to Guide
VPN Info on the Web 
VPN Resources & Services 

Computer Privacy
Internet Privacy Law
The Center for Democracy and Technology
Encryption Privacy and Security Resource Page
RSA Laboratories – Cryptography FAQ
Senate Hearings Concerning Privacy in a Digital Age
Encryption & Computer Crime
Web-Site Sensitivity to Privacy Concerns
The Whole Earth Privacy Toolkit

Digital Watermarking
Digital Watermarking Links  
An Introduction to Watermark Recovery from Images 
Watermarking and Data Hiding
Digital Watermarking World 
Digital Watermarking Links–Deepa Kundur

Where is your E-Mail Tonight?
Toward an Ethics and Etiquette for Electronic Mail
E-Mail: Responsibilities of Users    NEW
Electronic Interaction in the Workplace: Monitoring, Retrieving & Storing Employee Communications
Guide to E-Mail & The Internet in the Workplace
Employers, Employees, E-mail and the Internet
How Private is Your Work E-mail?
Establishing Business Controls for Electronic Mail Communications NEW
Ethical Implications of Privacy in Electronic Mail
The Lawyer’s Privacy Problems With Internet E-Mail
Managing E-mail as Records
E-Mail Discovery: The Duties, Danger and Expense
Avoiding E-Mail Scams 

SPAM Laws 

Federal Agencies, State Attorney Generals Crack Down on Deceptive Mail Offers, Unsolicited Faxes and Spam
Junk Email Resource Page
SPAM Frequently Asked Questions
alt.spam FAQ or “Figuring out fake E-Mail & Posts”
FTC Names Its Dirty Dozen: 12 Scams Most Likely to Arrive Via Bulk Email
Information v. Commercialization: The Internet & Unsolicited E-Mail
Lawmakers Search for Ingredient to Make Spam Less Appetizing
Senate, States Enact Curbs on Junk E-Mail
State Legislators Steamed About ‘Spam’; Wave of Bills Would Limit Commercial E-Mail  
Unsolicited E-mail – Cases
Virtual Magistrate: Recommends that AOL Remove a Subscriber Message
I Beat Spam, Sort Of, But It Wasn’t Easy
Spam v. Profit
Responding to Unsolicited Commercial Email
Index of Anti-Junk E-mail Sites 

Electronic Commerce at eGov
Electronic Commerce News, Resources and Business
Electronic Commerce Resources
eCommerce Watch –
eCommerce FAQ 
eCommerce Tutorials 
eCommerce Dictionary
E-Commerce Tutorial NEW    
B2B Resources 
Digital Signature Legislation

Tax Concerns
Internet Tax Freedom Act
eCommerce Taxation Links
eCommerce Tax News
eCommerce Tax 
Sales Taxes & The Internet

Online Banking
On-line Banking
On-Line & Internet Retail Banking: Legal Considersations
FDIC Efforts to Ensure Bank Systems Are Year 2000 Compliant
Experiences Reported by Banks in Implementing On-line Banking
ABA Retail Banking Survey

E-money FAQ
Electronic Cash Under Current Banking Law ©
Electronic Money
“E-Money”: What’s In Store for Stored Value?
Electronic Cash & Monetary Policy 

Distance Learning
Distance Learning Clearinghouse 

AAUP Government Report on Distance Learning

Issues in Distance Learning
Universities Anticipate Disputes Over Earnings from Distance Learning
Distance Learning Copyright Issues

The Year 2000 Information Center
Y2K and the Global Financial Markets
Venable: New Tools, New Rules: Y2K
Analysis of Proposed  Year 2000 Legislation
Intuit says Y2K Lawsuits Dropped

General Information
Center for Law & Computers
Understanding Computers and the Law
Computer Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia
BitLaw: A Resource on Technology Law
CompLaw–Law Library
The Cyberlaw Encylopedia    NEW
Internet, Cyberspace and Computer Law
FindLaw Cyberspace Law Center
Cyberspace Law
The CyBarrister
Computer & Media Torts and Professional Liability
Bills and Regulations Affecting the Interactive Industry
Emerging Law on the Electronic Frontier
Electronic Discovery – Or, the Byte that Bit
Discovery of Electronic Evidence 
Electronic Evidence
Will Consumers Get Short-Changed When They Settle Claims Online?
Minimizing Employer Liability for Employee Internet Use
Online Behavior–It’s Not Very Private
American Management Association 2001 Survey of Workplace Monitoring & Surveillance 
Are Employers Violating Worker’s Privacy with Electronic Monitoring?
Cruising the Internet at Work:Is Big Brother Watching You?  
Employee Net Use a Threat 
Megan’s Law Expands to the Net
Digital Defamation
Net Lible Suit Raises Free Speech Issues
Blacklist of Internet Advertisers
Compuserve v. Patterson:Creating Jurisdiction Through Internet Contacts
New York Times v. Sullivan
Computer Mediated Communication Information Sources
Warranties & Risk Allocation in Technology Contracts 
Clauses in Computer Book Contracts
Negotiating for High Tech
Top Software Resources of the Web
The GNU Manifesto
Apple v. Microsoft: Virtual Identity in the GUI Wars
Computers and Health
The Information Superhighway: Trolls at the Tollgate
Home-Based Businesses in the High Tech Era
High Noon on the Electronic Frontier:Conceptual Issues in Cyberspace

Computer Law Association
Richmond Law & Technology Association: LTA 
International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
The System Administrators Guild: SAGE
The Internet Engineering Task Force
CERT® Coordination Center
The Web Standards Project
International Webmasters Association
The Electronic Frontier Foundation
CAUCE:  The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition
Coalition Electronic Forums
Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Digital Future Coalition
Software Publishers Association
League for Programming Freedom
Business Software Alliance

Richmond Journal of Law & Technology
Harvard Journal of Law and Technology
Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce
ABA Technology Update
IP Magazine
CMP Publications
Computer Magazines – Top 100 Computer Magazines
Computing News
Wired Magazine
@stake Security News

Internet Guides, Tutorials, and Training Information
Freeskills Online Training
Cyberlaw Encyclopedia
Computing Dictionary
Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
Geek Tools
Church of the Swimming Elephant   
Internet Statistics

IDcide   NEW
Top Software Resources of the Web

Computer Related Agreements, Forms and Samples
Internet Legal Forms for Business
Consulting Agreement
Work for Hire Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement
Condifentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreement 
Non-Disclosure Agreement
Software Development & Consulting Services Agreement
Beta Test Site Agreement
Software License Agreement (Source Code)
Software License Agreement (End User)
Software Distribution Agreement
Software and Database License Agreement Checklist
Technology License Agreement
World Wide Web Site Agreement
Website Design and Maintenance Agreement
Copyright Infringement Cease and Desist Letter
Electronic Journal Startup Materials
Contribution to Publication Agreement
Sample E-Mail Policy
Sample E-Mail & Internet  Policy
Patent & Trademark Forms
U.S. Copyright Office Forms