Housing and Construction Law Online Resources

Housing and Construction Law Online Resources

Note: The following links are to the web.archive site in order to avoid broken links. For historical reason we keep some old sites in this list.

Historical Background
Triumph of the Baroque: Architecture in Europe 1600-1750
Digital Archive of American Architecture
Buildings of the United States
Cities/Buildings Image Archive
City Sites
Great Buildings Online 
Gothic Revival Architecture in America
Victorian Architecture
Chautauqua’s Victorian Architecture
Hidden Victorian Architecture of Lakewood, Ohio
The Great Homes of America’s Gilded Age
Beaux-Arts Architecture in America
Art Nouveau Style
Frank Lloyd Wright Web Guide
Decopix: The Art Deco Architecture Site NEW
Tenement Museum- The Urban Log Cabin
How the Other Half Lives
Chicago Imagebase
The Great Chicago Fire and the Web of Memory.
Moving Uptown: 19th Century Views of Manhattan
Gotham Comes of Age: New York through the Lens of the Byron Company, 1892 – 1942
Facts about the Empire State Building
The History of the World Trade Center
1906 San Francisco Earthquake
Levittown: Documents of an Ideal American Suburb
The Suburbanization of America: The Rise of the Patio Culture
Patio Culture! Suburban Living in the 1960s
Roadside Architecture in the 1950s
Architecture of Indiana and Ohio
Digital Archive of American Architecture
National Register of Historic Places: Ohio Listings
History of Cities and City Planning
Urban Planning: 1794-1918
HCEA – Historical Construction Equipment Association

The Law
United States Code.
Code of Federal Regulations UPDATED
Anderson’s Ohio Revised Code UPDATED
Anderson’s Ohio Administrative Code

U.S. Code Title 42 Chapter 45: Fair Housing
FFIEC Home Mortgage Disclosure Act
Code of Federal Regulations Title 29 Part 1926: OSAH Regulations for Construction
Ohio Revised Code Title 1 Chapter 175: Housing Finance Agency
Ohio Revised Code Title 1 Chapter 176: Housing Advisory Boards
Ohio Home Improvement Law 

Building Codes
Building Codes & Regulations
Department of Energy: Building Energy Codes
DOJ: Certification of State & Local Building Codes
Building Codes Resources & Standards Organization
BOCA: Building Officials & Code Administrators
Buidling Codes, Construction Standards & Building Permits

Liens & Lein Laws
Ohio Lien Laws
Ohio Mechanic’s Lien Claims 
Field Guide to Commercial Broker Lien Laws
Mechanic’s Lien Laws

Government Committees, Departments & Agencies
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
OSHA: Occupational Safety & Health Administration
FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency 
U.S. Census Bureau
National Park Service
U.S. General Services Administration
National Register of Historic Places
USDA Rural Housing Service
Federal Housing Finance Board
Fannie Mae
Freddie Mac
U.S. Architectural & Transportation Barriers Compliance Board
GSA/PBS Property Development
Ohio Building Authority
State of Ohio Board of Examiners of Architects
The Ohio Historical Society

Government Publications & Databases
Office of Management & Budget Circulars
The Federal Register
eLCOSH: The Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety & Health 
HUD: Homes and Communities
GSA/PBS/PC Guidelines
GSA/PBS/PC Technical Standards
American Housing Survey for the United States: 1999
Residential Housing Characteristics Survey 1997
Census 2000
America’s Housing: Census Data
Housing Vacancies & Homeownership: Fourth Quarter 2000
State of the Cities, 2000 — HUD 
MOST Urban Issues: Urban Development and Governance 
The Historic American Buildings Survey
Rental Housing Assistance: The Worsening Crisis-A Report to Congress on Worst Case Housing Needs

Historic Preservation
Preserve/Net Law – Legislation and Court Cases
National Register Database
Ohio Historical Society’s National Register Database
National Trust for Historic Preservation
Preserve & Protect
Preserve/Net – Historic Preservation Source

Construction Resources
BIX – AEC / Construction Industry Directory
Underground Construction

Construction Safety
OSHA Construction Safety Manual 
Consortium for Construction Health and Safety
Build Safe.Org
The Center to Protect Workers’ Rights

General Information
The Construction Law Center
Construction Law Resources
Regulation Contacts for Modular & Panelized Housing
State of the Cities Data Systems: Home
C20 Housing Starts/Building Permits Highlights
Development & Land Use Links

ABA Construction Litigation Committee
The Construction Safety Council 
ANSI: American National Standards Institute 
National Low Income Housing Coalition
National Housing & Rehabilitation Association
National Housing Institute
National Association of Home Builders
Habitat for Humanity International
The American Institute of Architects
American Cultural Resources Association
Society of Architectural Historians

Construction Monthly
Construction Law Review

CRES Glossary
Links to Safety Standards and Codes
Standards Information

FEMA – Library – Agency Directives, Forms and Manuals
FEMA Flood Exemption Certificate 
National Register Forms
National Register Sample Nomination Form
Contractor Agreement